A tour rider is a document, usually produced by the management of an artist, listing requirements to an event promoter of what they need to host the act. The most recent Tenacious D tour rider publicly released is from 2010. It is unknown what their most recent requirements and wishes are, however, as many bands tend to stick to similar requirements over time, it's very possible that many of these still exist.

Show Rules:

  • Patrons may 'mosh' or crowd surf during a show, it is the tour policy that they should not be removed from the show unless behaving in another inappropriate way.
  • There must be an adequate amount of female staff doing security pat-downs at venue entrances.
  • Professional cameras are only allowed into the venue with an official photo pass.
  • Weapons, glass, cans, plastic bottles, fireworks, alcoholic beverages, large chains, spiked bracelets, wallet chains, food and laser pens are strictly prohibited from being brought into the venue.

Meal Requirements:

The 2010 Tenacious D tour rider clearly states that the catering must have vegetarian dishes for at least eight people. The band also request for real knives, forks, spoons, plates and napkins only. A recommendation of what dinners the catering must offer is listed below.

Monday Chicken / Turkey
Tuesday Steak / Seafood
Wednesday Beef / Pork / Fish
Thursday Steak / Baked Potato
Friday Pasta / Italian
Saturday Thai / Stir-fry / Indian
Sunday Blackened Fish / Chicken