The Pick of Destiny is the second album by American comedy rock band Tenacious D, the soundtrack for their film of the same name. The album was released on November 14, 2006, through Epic Records, and debuted at number 8 on the Billboard 200.[1]

The Pick of Destiny is the band's first studio release in five years, following up their 2001 self-titled debut, Tenacious D. The album was produced by the Dust Brothers' John King, and features appearances by Meat Loaf, Ronnie James Dio and Dave Grohl. Another album, More Rocktastic Music from the Film, contains the score music that the soundtrack excludes.


In the absence of original comedy skits, there are excerpts of dialogue from the soundtrack's accompanying film between numerous songs. Portions of The Pick of Destiny were recorded at Dave Grohl's studio.[2] A clean version of the album was recorded.[3]

The album was released in three separate edits: a "clean" radio edit featuring re-recorded vocals replacing foul language with non-sense words, a "dirty" edit featuring the full film versions, and a limited edition. All three versions feature clips from the movie, but some dialogue was re-recorded for the clean version. The special limited edition was released in a cardboard "old book case", which includes a digipack version of the album, a foldout poster depicting the D and Sasquatch, eight tarot cards from the film (Tenacious D, The Training, Destiny, Masterpiece, The Quest, The Divide, and Two Kings, as well as a card explaining the other cards), and a plastic replica of the Pick of Destiny. If the set was pre-ordered from the Tenacious D website, it also included a T-shirt.

Album artEdit

The cover features Black and Gass in the clouds in the sky, parodying Michelangelo's painting The Creation of Adam. In between the two's hands is the green guitar pick used in the movie to defeat the devil, whose arm is pictured below them, sticking out from the clouds trying to take the pick. The album was banned from K-Mart and Wal-Mart because of the satanic picture. Despite the actual CD not being stocked, Wal-Mart still carries the album sheet music book, movie poster and the 2014 re-release of the album on vinyl online, all of which carry exactly the same banned satanic picture.


A short movie entitled Time Fixers was used as a promotional tool on the iTunes website. The movie starred Michael Keaton[4] and longtime collaborators JR Reed and Paul F. Tompkins. The first half of the film was available as a free download on iTunes, while the second half could only be accessed after pre-ordering the album.[5]

Track listingEdit


Bonus tracks



Tenacious D
Additional Musicians



Chart (2006–07) Peak
Dutch Alternative Albums (MegaCharts)[6] 29
Irish Albums (IRMA)[7] 9
UK Soundtrack Albums (OCC)[8] 2


Chart (2007) Position
US Billboard 200[9] 200



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