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Pick of Destiny

Pick of Destiny

The Pick of Destiny is a soundtrack album by the American rock band Tenacious D for the movie Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny. It was released on November 14, 2006 by Epic Records, and debuted at #8 on the Billboard 200.[1]

The Pick of Destiny is the D's first studio release in five years, following up their 2001 self-titled debut, Tenacious D. The album was produced by the Dust Brothers' John King and features appearances by Meat Loaf, Ronnie James Dio, Tim Robbins, and Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age).

Another album, More Rocktastic Music From The Film, contains the score music that the soundtrack excludes.

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[edit] Details In the absence of original comedy skits, there are excerpts of dialogue from the soundtrack's accompanying film between numerous songs. Portions of The Pick of Destiny were recorded at Dave Grohl's studio.[2] A clean version of the album was recorded.[3]

The album was released in three separate edits: a "clean" radio edit featuring re-recorded vocals, a "dirty" edit featuring the full film versions, and a limited edition. All three versions feature clips from the movie, but some dialogue was re-recorded for the clean version. The special limited edition was released in a cardboard "old book case", which includes a digipack version of the album, a foldout poster depicting the D and Sasquatch, eight tarot cards from the film (Tenacious D, The Training, Destiny, Masterpiece, The Quest, The Divide, and Two Kings, as well as a card explaining the other cards), and a plastic replica of the Pick of Destiny. If the set was pre-ordered from the Tenacious D website, it also included a t-shirt.

[edit] Songs

Audio samples:

"Kickapoo" Kickapoo "Master Exploder" Master Exploder "Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)" Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)

Problems listening to the files? See media help. The first song on the album, "Kickapoo", named after Jack Black's fictional hometown of Kickapoo, Missouri, tells the fictional story of a young Black running away from home, and a very strict religious father to become a rock star. Meat Loaf appears in the movie and song as Black's father, and Ronnie James Dio appears as himself, after Black prays to a poster of him on the wall of his bedroom door. Originally, the role of Dio was going to be taken by Ozzy Osbourne.[4]

The first single from the album is entitled "POD", which stands for "Pick of Destiny". The single had a music video directed by Liam Lynch, who directed the movie. There has also been a video created for the track "Classico", animated by John Kricfalusi, creator of The Ren and Stimpy Show. His studio Spümcø did the "Fuck Her Gently" video from the band's last album.

"History", a song that originated on the band's TV show, Tenacious D, was re-recorded for this album, with additional lyrics.[5] "The Government Totally Sucks" is the only song not to be featured in the final cut of the movie. It is, however, featured in the deleted scenes section of the DVD release.

The master track "The Metal" is featured in the game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock as a playable track. The song was first performed live on an episode of Saturday Night Live, and had their roadie JR Reed (Lee) in a robot costume defeating the other musical genres, played by members of the cast. The main riff of the song is very similar to Motley Crue's 'Sumthin' For Nuffin'

During their late 2006 tour, Tenacious D played their new songs from this album as well as from their self-titled original, but due to the heavy amount of sound editing needed for the album version, "Master Exploder" had to be mimed, something that Tenacious D hates to do. The song appears in the Wii exclusive video game Battle of the Bands, and a censored version appears in Rock Band 2 as a master track.

[edit] Publicity A short movie entitled Time Fixers was used as a promotional tool on the iTunes website. The movie starred Michael Keaton[6] and long time collaborators JR Reed and Paul F. Tompkins. The first half of the film was available as a free download iTunes, while the second half could only be accessed after pre-ordering the album.[7]

[edit] Track listing

  1. Title Writer(s) Length

1. "Kickapoo" (featuring Meat Loaf and Ronnie James Dio) Black, Gass, Lynch 4:16

2. "Classico" Black, Gass 0:59

3. "Baby" Black, Gass 1:37 4. "Destiny" Black, Gass 0:37

5. "History" Black, Gass 1:43

6. "The Government Totally Sucks" Black, Gass 1:35

7. "Master Exploder" Black, Gass 2:24

8. "The Divide" Black, Gass 0:23

9. "Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass)" Black, Gass, King 2:24

10. "Dude (I Totally Miss You)" Black, Gass 2:55

11. "Break In-City (Storm the Gate!)" Black, Gass, Lynch, King 1:22

12. "Car Chase City" Black, Gass, Konesky, Spiker, King 2:44

13. "Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)" (featuring Dave Grohl) Black, Gass, Lynch 5:35

14. "POD" Black, Gass 2:34 15. "The Metal" Black, Gass, Konesky, King 2:46

Bonus tracks "Rock Your Socks" (Acoustic) – (iTunes pre-order bonus track) "Training Medley" – (Digital Download available with Best Buy version, also available on "POD" single)

[edit] Credits Tenacious D: Jack Black - vocals, acoustic guitar Kyle Gass - vocals, acoustic guitar Additional Musicians: Dave Grohl - drums, demon vocals on "Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)" John Spiker - bass, background vocals on "Car Chase City", bass and clavinet on "Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass)" John Konesky - electric guitar Liam Lynch - additional guitar on "Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)" and "Break In-City (Storm the Gate!)", additional bass on "Break In-City (Storm the Gate!)" John King - drum programming on "Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass)" Meat Loaf - guest vocals on "Kickapoo" Ronnie James Dio - guest vocals on "Kickapoo" Produced by John King Assistant Engineers: Ed Cherney, Nick Raskulinecz, John Spiker, Brad Breeck Recorded at The Dell and 606 Studio Mixed by Ken Andrews Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering Orchestral Arrangements by Andrew Gross, Recorded at Sony Scoring Stage, Engineered by Casey Stone Bari Sax and Piano on "Kickapoo" Recorded at Capitol Studios, Engineered by Casey Stone Management: Sam A&R: Matt Marshall Music Executive: Bob Bowen Photography: Michael Ellins Album Packaging Design by: Gregg Higggins/Michael Elins

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