The Complete Master Works 2 is a video album by American comedy rock band Tenacious D. Released on November 4, 2008, it features footage from the band's performances in Seattle, Washington on February 16 and 17, 2007, in addition to numerous bonus videos and D Tour: A Tenacious Documentary. It is the successor to the band's previous collection The Complete Master Works.

The DVD states that the footage of the Seattle performances were recorded at Moore Theatre. This contradicts the official tour date history at the band website,[1] as well as reviews of the shows at Seattle's Paramount Theatre on those dates.[2]

Track listingEdit

Disc oneEdit

  • Live concert
  1. "Kielbasa"
  2. "History"
  3. "Wonderboy"
  4. "Dio"
  5. "Lee"
  6. "Sax-A-Boom"
  7. "The Road"
  8. "Hell Movie Skit"
  9. "Kickapoo"
  10. "Karate"
  11. "Dude (I Totally Miss You)"
  12. "Kyle Quit the Band"
  13. "Friendship"
  14. "The Metal"
  15. "Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass)"
  16. "Master Exploder"
  17. "Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)"
  18. "Double Team"
  19. "Fuck Her Gently"
  20. "Tribute"
  21. "Who Medley"

Disc two Edit

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