Tenacious Demo is the first known Tenacious D release, produced by Andrew Gross. It is unknown when it was made and released, however, it is most likely produced during or before 1997.


According to Andrew Gross, this was partially recorded at The Actors' Gang Theater Company in Los Angeles, California. The other half of the recording was recorded at somebody's house since the theater's studio was too booked for them to finish the recording. It was released to record labels thereafter. Gass claims that they printed a small box full of them. It is unknown how many still exist, presuming the record labels may have disposed of them.


  • 1). Tribute (4:00)
  • 2). History (1:21)
  • 3). Kyle Quit (3:11)
  • 4). Krishna (1:52)


  • Three of the four songs on this release were re-recorded and released on Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny.
  • The third track contains a small skit before the song, it is very reminiscent to the skit that features on Tenacious D's self-titled album, "Friendship Test".
  • This remains one of, if not the hardest Tenacious D release for collectors.