Sasquatch is a fictional character who appears in Tenacious D's TV series and Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. He is portrayed in both mediums by the actor John C. Reilly.

Tenacious D (TV series) Edit

In the episode 'Death of a Dream', Black and Gass stumble across Sasquatch whilst having a campfire in a California forest. After rescuing him from a trap, they begin to play songs together, with Sasquatch on the drums. Black and Gass do not like his playing, and therefore inform him that he cannot become part of Tenacious D. Sasquatch then later attends Tenacious D at the Open Mic Night at The Garage as they perform 'Sasquatch' - in tribute to him. Before the show finishes, he dips out to avoid being seen by Tenacious D, before running off.

The Pick of Destiny Edit

In the film, Black eats mushrooms and starts to hallucinate, and subsequently meets Sasquatch. The two hold hands, with Black becoming Sasquatch's son, 'Baby Sas'. The two sing and go down the 'Strawberry River', when in reality, Black is drowning in some form of river or lake. The two then start to fly, with Black on Sasquatch's back. Whilst air-borne, Black thinks that he has spotted 'The Pick of Destiny' and therefore reaches out to grab it, however, falls out of a tree and subsequently wakes up. The song sang is released on The Pick Of Destiny as "Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass)".

Trivia Edit

  • John C. Reilly is credited as a 'Sasquatch Researcher' in the Pick of Destiny credits.
  • Starting on the Rize of the Fenix Tour in 2012, Kyle Gass Band lead singer Mike Bray dresses up as 'Tenacious D Sasquatch' and performs "Papagenu (He's My Sassafrass)" live. In later 2012, he would go on to perform as a support act, performing his own songs solo, including 'Strawberry River' - a tribute to the film.

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