Roadie is a song by Tenacious D which appears on their third album, Rize of the Fenix. On release of the album, Tenacious D and Columbia Records recruited Jody Hill to produce a music video. The music video was initially released as a ' Original', though was later released through the VEVO music streaming service.

Music Video

The video features Black and Gass holding interviews at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles for a new Roadie. After an impressive interview, the band calls off their search after meeting Sebastian (Danny McBride). During the performance of the song, Sebastian sets up the stage, and meets women who he later finds out are just interested in hanging around with him to meet Black and Gass. The band perform a successful show, and afterwards McBride asks Black and Gass for money, and Black and Gass realise that they cannot afford to hire him for the rest of the tour.


  • The Tenacious D YouTube channel released a brief snippet of the clip before release as a tease.