Paul F. Tompkins appears throughout Tenacious D's TV series, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny and the band's respective live concerts. He first began hosting comedy nights in the mid-to-late 1990s at small clubs in Los Angeles and met Tenacious D.



Tompkins hosted comedy nights and sketches in Los Angeles in the 1990s. It was this way he met Tenacious D, and became a re-occurring character at many of their live concerts.

Tenacious D Universe

TV Series (fictional)

Tompkins reprises his real-life roles in Tenacious D's television series. He appears in every episode of the six-episode series, with the exception being 'The Greatest Song in the World'. Unlike real life, he acts as a disgruntled club owner who doesn't seem to enjoy Black and Gass. Though despite this, still continues to book them and offers them gigs at other venues, as seen in the sixth and last episode 'Road Gig'.

The Pick of Destiny (fictional)

With the Pick of Destiny being a prequel to the television series, Tompkins first meets Black and Gass and hosts their first gig. Afterwards, he tells Black that there is another open mic night the week after, and that if they win there is a cash prize. The cash prize would enable the duo to pay their rent. A week later, the duo show up late and have managed to have stolen the demon's tooth, which functions as a magical guitar pick. This results in Tompkins turning into the devil in revenge to take it back from them.

Time Fixers (fictional)

Tompkins makes a short appearance at the end of Tenacious D: Time Fixers, a short film produced as an iTunes exclusive bonus for pre-ordering the Pick of Destiny album. He confronts a disgruntled patron of his club, and tells him when he is going to die, after Tenacious D give him an envelope informing Tompkins of the man's death date.


  • In the canon of the story, Liam Lynch mentioned that The Pick of Destiny pre-dates the television series, meaning that Tompkins is alive after being possessed by the devil at the end of the movie.