This is a list of Tenacious D merchandise. Originally, merchandise was made and supplied through The Actor's Gang Theater Company via mailorder until 2000. After this, Tenacious D signed to Tannis Root Inc. and their merchandise is available through the online store, Kung Fu Nation. In Europe, Tenacious D signed with Firebrand Inc. from 2006 to 2013. In 2013, they moved to Bingo Merchandising with merchandise available through online store, Frocksteady. Frocksteady has since become Bingo Merch.



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[1] The He is Real shirt doubled over as the tour shirt for the band's 2006/07 tour. The first leg of the US tour, UK leg and Australia leg all had their dates printed on the back in the shape of bigfoot's footprint. Otherwise, the shirt had a plain back.

[2] The Rize of the Fenix shirt was either sold plain, or had the June 2012 UK dates on the back of it.

[3] The Dawn of the D shirt doubled over as the tour shirt for the band's 2012 tour. The first European leg, US leg [without Wiltern date], US leg [with Wiltern date], the second European leg and the second European leg [with only UK/Ireland dates] were sold. Otherwise, the shirt has a plain back.

[4] The Old School shirt doubled over as the tour shirt for the band's 2013/15 acoustic tours and 2014 Asia tour. The shirt reads Old School Acoustic Tour 2013/15 on the back for those respective tours. The 2014 Asian tour has the dates. Otherwise, other issues of the shirt have a plain back.

[5] Skiing Sasquatch originally came out in 2014, with a backprint stating the date of the bands two shows in Aspen, Colorado, otherwise, the shirt had a plain back.