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Lee is fictional character portrayed by JR Reed throughout Tenacious D (TV series), Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny and the band's respective live concerts.

History Edit

Background Edit

Lee is a driving instructor and pizza deliverer presumably based in or local to Long Beach, California.

Tenacious D (1999 TV series) Edit

For full plot details, see Tenacious D (TV series) Edit

After playing open mic night, Jack foolishly throws his clear pick into the crowd and can no longer continue the show without it. After the show, Lee, gives them the pick and divulges the information of his fan website. The D immediately check it out, and become stalkers of Lee. They break into his house, and sing a song for him, titled "Lee", and then by the end of the episode, they are all friends again, and together they sing the song "Special Things" at open mic night.

The Pick Of Destiny (2006 film) Edit

For full plot details, see Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Edit

Jack meets acoustic guitarist Kyle, who is performing on Venice Beach boardwalk, and begins singing along to one of Kyle's songs. Lee, delivering pizzas for 'Wake & Bake Pizzeria', is just passing by the two, and overhears them performing. Later, Lee coincidentally delivers a pizza to their address, and is allowed to watch the two practice. Here he forms a special bond with the two, and subsequently attends their first concert at Alex's Bar shortly after. He later appears, as he allows for Kyle to borrow his car for the two to travel to Sacramento, California. The two end up wrecking his car in a police chase, as he watches on TV news.

Trivia Edit

  • Gass reveals in the commentary for The Pick of Destiny that Lee meeting Tenacious D on Long Beach was "the real way" they met, thus making it the canon.
  • In an alternative ending, after defeating the devil, Tenacious D move into Lee's apartment, and it's revealed that the demon's soul has transported to Lee.
  • At live Tenacious D concerts, Lee performs as 'Spider-man', 'Satan', 'The Metal', a dancing mushroom and a police officer.
  • His surname is unknown.

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