Kyle Richard Gass is a Grammy Award winning American guitarist, actor, singer and film producer best known for his role in the comedy rock band Tenacious D alongside Jack Black. Outside of Tenacious D, Gass has featured as an actor in motion-pictures such as Elf, Sex Drive and Wild Hogs as well as television shows including Seinfeld and Friends. He was a co-founder of the band Trainwreck and currently performs in the Kyle Gass Band.

Real life biography

Fictional biography

For the fictional biography regarding his career with Tenacious D, please see Tenacious D.

Very little is known about his early years, other than that he grew up with a mother and father in a small, suburban home. He had been bald as a child, and subsequently was bullied because of this. He was given the nickname 'Pumpkin', presumably by his mother. His parents were very supportive to him, as at some-point Kyle moved to Los Angeles, and had his rent paid for him by his parents until he was older.

At some point he learned the guitar, and learned mainly rock and classical styles. He appears to be a big fan of rock music - as he has vintage copies of rock magazines in his apartment. He appears to be a bit sleazy - as his apartment at the start of the movie is in bad shape. He meets Jack Black in the early 90s. After losing his apartment, it is unknown what happens to him and Jack immediately, however in their television series, based after the movie, Black and Gass live in a different apartment which appears to be joint-owned between the two.