Jazz is the second extended play by Tenacious D. Released in 2012, the EP consists of a single, 11-minute jazz composition with vocals. The EP was released as a digital download and a limited edition vinyl record.


In October 2012, Jack Black announced that Tenacious D would record a jazz album, saying that it would "contain lyrics, but still channel Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and other instrument-based jazz influences." In 2014, Jack Black recalled that he played the recording for jazz to double bass player Charlie Haden and Haden walked out of the room shortly after it began.


The first side of the vinyl was an 11-minute jazz composition with comedic vocals by Jack Black. Kyle Gass played the recorder rather than any guitar. Black makes reference to The Pick of Destiny when he sings, "Who put Beelzeboss into my jazz?" . There is also an interpolation of Disturbed's song "Down with the Sickness", with Brooks Wackerman performing the opening drum notes from Disturbed's song and Jack Black imitating singer David Draiman's vocal intro to that song. The second side of the vinyl contained a short skit, which was left off the iTunes release of the album.


In October 2012, Tenacious D performed "Simply Jazz" live in concert prior to the EP's release.

On November 5, Tenacious D appeared on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, performing "Simply Jazz" in promotion of the EP. The EP was released as a limited edition vinyl as part of a Record Store Day promotion at participating stores. It is available as a digital EP on iTunes, which includes a bonus video "The Making of Simply Jazz."

Track listing

Side A:

1). "Simply Jazz" - 11:27

Side B:

2). "Nothing On Side B" - 0:57