Thomas Jacob Black is an American singer, actor, producer, guitarist, voice artist, and comedian, well known for his role in Tenacious D, alongside Kyle Gass. Outside of Tenacious D, Black is best known for his acting roles in motion-pictures such as School of Rock, King Kong, Nacho Libre and The Holiday. He owns his own production company, Electric Dynamite, based in Los Angeles.

Real life biography

Fictional biography

Black was born to a religious family, a mother, father and a brother. It is unknown whether or not he was born in Kickapoo, Missouri, but he lives there when he is around ten years old. He is a big fan of heavy metal music to his parents disapproval. At the age of about ten, Black feels rejected by his family, so one night runs away home in the hopes of reaching Hollywood, California to work on his music.

He passes through Tennessee, to reach Hollywood, Alabama. He then passes through the Carolina's to reach Hollywood, North Carolina. From there he travels through Virginia to reach Hollywood, Maryland. He then passes through Georgia to Hollywood, Florida. He then passes through a multitude of states to finally find Hollywood in California. It is unknown how long this journey actually takes him, but it must have been at least ten years, judging the age progression of Black.

Upon arriving in California, he meets Kyle Gass. The two quickly form the band Tenacious D and search for the Pick of Destiny, after discovering that a multitude of infamous rockstars have used this guitar pick to develop fame and fortune. They learn that it is satanic, and therefore after acquiring the pick, they lose it to the devil in a "rock-off", but manage to remove the devil's horn, which they believe is also blessed with luck and super power much like the pick.