JB's BJ (2013) is the short film which was produced by Liam Lynch for their European 2013 tour in August. The film is a remake of JB's BJ, which was created for their American 2001 tour.

Plot Edit

Black is out on the streets looking to prostitute himself, Gass pulls up and is interested in his services. Due to the pair wearing sunglasses, they fail to recognize each other. Black performs oral sex, and Gass ejaculating causes the two to remove their sunglasses and recognize each other. The two then panic and separate. The entire piece is synchronized in German.

Trivia Edit

  • After being screened on their 2013 European tour, the film is shown later in 2016, at their Rock am Ring and Rock im Park Festival shows in Germany.
  • On the 2013 tour, this was also shown in Switzerland and Austria as well as Germany.
  • The actual clip itself has yet to be officially released to the public.

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