Hell Time Skit is the short film which was produced by Liam Lynch for Tenacious D's The Pick of Destiny tour in 2006-07. The video was used to link together the acoustic and electric sets of the live show.


After Lee spills beer all over the cables and amps during Tenacious D's acoustic set, Black plugs in a guitar he purchased from a shady dealer. The guitar turns out to be faulty with the spilt beer, and this causes the duo to be electrocuted and sent to hell. The video then starts and plays out them meeting the guitarist Anti-Christ (John Konesky), bassist Charlie Chaplin (John Spiker), and drummer Colonel Sanders (Brooks Wackerman). The, now five piece, decide to form a band.


  • The actual video can be found on The Complete Master Works 2 DVD set, along with the rest of the concert.
  • At some shows, the band performed the skit live instead, for example, at the Gibson Amphitheatre show.
  • Black and Gass wore the same clothing throughout the Pick of Destiny tour, so that the stage continuity was correct with the video. Though it can be noted that Black can be seen wearing sweatbands on stage, which don't appear in the video.