Guitarings was an Internet guitar-tutorial series hosted by Kyle Gass and John Konesky of Tenacious D. The first series ran from August 2009 to February 2010. The second series lasted from August 2011 until November 2012. After this time, Gass left the series, and Konesky re-booted the third series of the show in June 2013 as 'Guitarings Duets' which ran until February 2015. Konesky also produced the 'Weekly Licks' tutorial series throughout 2015.

Episodes of the show varied, the first few were guitar tutorials of Tenacious D songs, but in the second series, Gass and Konesky also interviewed guests including Jack Black and Josh Homme, visited music stores and conventions and documented Tenacious D on their Rize of the Fenix Tour.

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