D Fun Pak is the first extended play by Tenacious D. The CD was released on April 29, 2002 through Epic Records. It shares the same artwork as the Tribute single, though they are different releases.


  1. "Cave Intro" (0:46)
  2. "Jesus Ranch" (demo) (2:14)
  3. "Kyle Quit the Band" (demo) (2:10)
  4. "Explosivo" (Mocean Worker's Megamix) (5:02)


The extended play provides the first official recording of the song "Jesus Ranch". The song was previously debuted at live concerts in the 1990s, and featured on the band's TV series in the year 2000.

The Explosivo track on the extended play is the work of DJ Mocean Worker, who complied recordings from the band's TV series and debut album, and remixed them. This is the first and only time the band have had a remix recording on one of their releases.

Additional writers:

  • "Jesus Ranch" - JR Reed, Michael Rivkin


The extended play was recorded by Michael Simpson and John King as The Dust Brothers. It is believed that it was recorded in early 2001, at the same time the band were recording their self-titled album.


The extended play was only released on CD, and was sold in a cardboard sleeve in limited quantities through US music stores. Some stores sold the CD with the self-titled album, whilst others sold it separately.