Captain Ed is fictional character portrayed by actor Ernest M. Garcia throughout Tenacious D (TV series).



Ed was in a couple of bands in his past, and claims during so to have driven a car into a hotel room, had a threesome with a pair of conjoined twins, did cocaine, and even ate an entire horse. He also claims to have performed on stage at the Fillmore East in 1967, and hung out with names such as Jimi Hendrix, Cast Elliot and Janis Joplin. He supposedly spent time in a Russian prison.

Tenacious D (TV series) 

After playing open mic night, Jack welcomes fans to a Tenacious D t-shirt autograph signing at Captain Ed's Record's. Some years after his alleged career, Captain Ed is an older gentlemen, and appears to operate a fairly large record store in Los Angeles. He wasn't made aware of the t-shirt signing happening at his store. He tells Black and Gass that the rockstar dream isn't worth it and is "like believing in the Sasquatch". Therefore, when Black and Gass stumble across a Sasquatch after meeting Ed, they take recordings and a foot-print to show him, though he doesn't believe them.